Go into BattleScribe, and click "Save the Roster":

BattleScribe Save button

Then put the ROSZ/ROS file here and wait for a little bit. ButtScribe does support HTML export roster files, but you won't get the full output, as those files lack some of the necessary data. It is offered as a legacy option, but we recommend using ROS/ROSZ format for the best experience.

BIG SHEETS (one per page, portrait - if unchecked, two per page, landscape)
Skip duplicates? (will only print one sheet for each identical unit - 10 Guard with a Plasma gun is not considered a dulicate of 10 Guard with a Melta)
Show Crusade tracking
Show rules reference


You should get a prompt to download a PDF that looks something like this:

Output data roster example

Followed by a bunch of these:

Output data card example

Or, in Crusade mode:

Output crusade card example