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What is ButtScribe?

"The name is quite odd, but it works" - User Review

ButtScribe is a web application that runs off of BattleScribe output, and generates printable datasheets for the units in your army. It currently supports:

The goal with ButtScribe is to bridge a gap in printed materials: the codices have nicely-formatted unit entries, but these are intended for selecting a unit's options, so it has a raft of information that might not be relevant depending on what options you took, and they don't include the actual points/PL costs of your specific unit. That is, the codex will have all of the wargear and rules for a Tactical Squad, but what you really want during a game is the wargear and rules for your Tactical squads, which is where ButtScribe comes in.

Also, BattleScribe does, obviously, support printing army lists, as anyone who has ever played 40k can tell you. ButtScribe is an attempt to improve on their layout, nothing more.

If you run into any problems, feel free to email me.

Release Notes

  • Latest update: 15 May 2021
  • Improved unit custom names in Apocalypse and 40k.
  • Added support for nested detachments. Strongly recommend not doing this, but it is supported.

Known Issues

  • Unit rosters: Some of these are still off - eg, Berzerkers, or Space Marine bikes - due to BattleScribe data files considering some models added to squads to be "models" and other models to be "upgrades", a category which also includes grenades. It makes some sense that the files are laid out this way, but it also makes it impossible for ButtScribe to know what it should include, without the "model" tag, so unfortunately I believe this is as fixed as it can get, save for a BattleScribe data change.
  • Text formatting: small sheets will occasionally overflow the layout boundaries in some cases.

Output Examples

Output data card example

Output crusade example

Output data card exampleOutput data card example

Apocalypse data card example