What is ButtScribe?

ButtScribe is a web application that runs off of BattleScribe output, and generates printable datasheets and rules references for the units in your army. It currently supports:

  • 40k 10th Edition

It's called ButtScribe because I'm wildly unprofessional. Sorry.

Upload a file here to get started
You can use a .ros or .rosz file from BattleScribe

How is ButtScribe?

Things should be faster now than the old legacy ButtScribe, because we've pushed all the parsing and rendering out to the client. Drop a file into the upload box above, and you should receive both a preview in your browser and, a few seconds later, a prompt to download a PDF.

ButtScribe will print an army summary with your faction rules and a list of units, to share with an opponent, followed by a quick-reference "cheat sheet" with your unit and weapon profiles, followed by a rules reference detailing every rule or ability on every unit, followed by individual cards for each unit in the army. For example:

A screenshot of Buttscribe output. A screenshot of Buttscribe output. A screenshot of Buttscribe output. A screenshot of Buttscribe output.

Why is ButtScribe?

The goal with ButtScribe is to bridge a gap in printed materials: the index cards are lovely, but they have have to account for selecting a unit's options, so they have a lot of information that might not be relevant depending on what options you took, and they don't include the points costs. Put another way, they have all of the wargear and rules for a Squad, but what you really want during a game is the wargear and rules for your Squad, which is where ButtScribe comes in.

It's also nice to have the rules and stats reference sheets, without having to type that stuff yourself.

Now that we're in a world where you can just buy the index cards, or use the Warhammer App, ButtScribe has never been less necessary, but it's a project I enjoy working on, and while the gap is smaller, it's still there: if you want something more customized than the index cards, that also doesn't require being on your phone, well, here we are.

If you run into any problems, feel free to contact us.

If, for some reason, you want the old version (9th edition, KT2k18, Apocalypse), it's here, but completely unsupported.

Who is ButtScribe?


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